Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Hell's kitchen

I recently posted this photo on Twitter, I think I just wanted some sympathy! I've tenuously linked this to Tara's Gallery, because renovating this house is a labour of love. (This week's theme is love).
We have now got the ceiling back up and everything needs plastering by Mr. Then I need to learn how to tile – no pressure!

We decided, due to budget restraints, to stick with the Ikea units that were there when we moved in. It seemed like fate when we found the matching wall units at a car boot sale for £20 for 4. The big money has gone on a lovely, shiny cooker from ebay, a posh Smeg dishwasher on offer at Curry's (I used a voucher code and quidco to bring the cost down to the same as a budget dishwasher so I don't feel guilty about buying it!) and a cooker hood bought using the recent £5-off Curry's/PC World voucher. I can't see 'Smeg' without thinking of Red Dwarf.

We'd planned to get a plumber in to get rid of some old gas pipes and to fit the cooker but Mr reckoned he could do it himself - eek! While I tried to put images of the house blowing up to the back of mind, Mr cut out the pipe section by section. I should add that he worked in a plumbers merchants so he had some idea of what he was doing, or at least I hope he did.

We were hacking off the floor to ceiling 1970's tiles – DIY is done in shifts so we can entertain K but if she's napping we try to get bigger jobs done together – when Mr asked me if I could smell gas. I could. Panic welled up in me and I told Mr to "calltheplumbergasboardswitchoffthesupplynotswitchonanylights". Mr was considerably more calm than me and worked out that he'd just knocked one of the cooker knobs and turned on the gas oven. Oh how I laughed NOT.

We've resigned ourselves to the fact that the kitchen won't be finished for Christmas but today is D-day: the day we plumb in the dishwasher! It's been sat in it's box for 2 weeks, taunting me every time I'm doing the washing up... smeghead.

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