Friday, 8 April 2011

Top of the plops

Hey plop-pickers! Notes from Home is hosting the Carnival of Poo, so without hesitation I give you my run down of the most memorable poo moments in the Make-do household...

At number 3 we have a new entry: Pebbledash by K.
She was just a few weeks old yet she managed to splatter her Daddy with poo during a nappy change - ha!

No change at No.2 for, err, number two, it's 'the floater'. A nappyless K plus a paddling pool always ends with a paddling poo. The quandry is how to catch it. I opt for the fishing net approach. Mr uses his bare hand!

And the number one slot goes to Dreadlock Horror-day. K was at that stage when everything went in her mouth and I was perhaps a bit lax with the hoovering. I was changing her nappy when I saw a long hair on her bum. I gave it a tug and a whole dreadlock slid out. Like a cat with a hairball - if the hairball was coming out the wrong end :(

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