Monday, 18 April 2011

You can't give a baby booze

Which is why I'm sadly saying farewell to my ebay wine rack.
I'm not actually parting with it, it's going to live under the stairs, out of sight and out of reach from busy little hands that have learnt how to undo caps and lids.

My entire dining room is furnished courtesy of ebay: the dresser, the farmhouse table and chairs, the fire surround. It took some patience – even when I found an item I liked it needed to be within a few miles to pick up, the right size and of course the right price – but we got there in the end. I love that the furniture is a bit knocked about so I don't feel the need to be precious. In theory they should get better with age, just like me *ahem*.

The wine rack is a Fired Earth one that I'd lusted after in a shop in Brighton a few years ago. It's modular, each terracotta honeycomb section is separate (another reason that it's not great with a toddler about), and I found this one, a set of 10, for just £14. I only needed 6 of the sections so I put the other 4 back on ebay and sold them for a tenner, so this only cost £4!

I've been out of action this week as my cold has developed into a disgusting cough, the type of which you would expect from a 60-a-day smoker, and poor K has it too. She's been waking in the night, boiling hot and vomiting. I managed to catch some in my hand yesterday, why did I do that? It's not like I had anywhere to put it. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon as the sleep deprivation is making me and Mr really snappy with each other. We planned to start D-Day next week (taking K's dummy away) but she's been so dependent on it while she's been ill that I might have to postpone it for my own sanity. I could need access to that wine rack sooner than I think!

I've linked this post to Magpie Monday over at Lizzie's 'Me and my shadow' blog. I love seeing the bargains that people have found :)

Me and My Shadow


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