Monday, 22 October 2012

Sausage vest

There was an NCT baby show in town on Saturday. I was lured by the promise of a nearly new sale and an earlybird's goody bag.

I took the kids, and my MIL for moral support, and was pleased to see there was no queue to get in, but once inside there was a whopper of a queue for the nearly new sale. And it was a Disney queue... you know where you finally reach the entrance only to find it just leads to another room with another big snaking queue. There were slim pickings but I did find some long sleeved tops for baby E. And I love this Smafolk vest, not really a bargain at £1.50 but it makes me smile...

One of the main sponsors was Jojo Maman Bebe so I was hoping for a lovely treat in the goody bag. It contained a wodge of leaflets, two samples of washing liquid, one of those fruit sticks that looks like a tiny pepperami and some Tena lady. Yes, peeing yourself and laundry. Welcome to motherhood.

Linking up my second-hand finds to Magpie Monday at me and my Shadow. I hope the other magpies had more luck than me!


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