Friday, 16 November 2012

Reuse your old advent calendar

I love the idea of reusable/refillable advent calendars, in fact I made one - the bunting advent calendar - a while back. But last year I didn't have the time to sort ours out so I'm afraid K got a 99p chocolate calendar from Lidl (not that she minded of course, chocolate is chocolate and was great for bribing her to get dressed in the morning).

Anyway, if you do get one of these calendars, once you've eaten all the chocolate, open up the cardboard sleeve and slide out the inner plastic tray. It makes a great mould for playdough, or more chocolate! We've used ours more than I expected this year with the washout Summer.

When I was little my Nan had some little pastel-coloured plaster moulds for plasticine that produced the same effect. Me and my brother would sit balls of plasticine in front of her gas fire until it went really soft and then squish it in. I've looked on ebay for them but with no luck - does anyone else remember these?

I'd like to try making my own playdough too, this free downloadable e-book from NutureStore looks good - there are a few different recipes to choose from.

I'm linking up to  Chris's Festive Friday :)


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