Tuesday, 15 January 2013

DIY Magnetic fishing game

For Christmas I got K one of those revolving magnetic fishing games where the little plastic fish open their mouths and you snag them on your rod. But, mummy fail; I bought one from Sainsbury's that wasn't magnetic. I think it must have been intended to work on willpower alone and was impossible for the adults (and we hadn't even started drinking then), let alone a 3 year old.

My mum told me about a fishing game we used to play when I was little with paperclips and magnets, it's so simple, so I got a refund on the crappy plastic game and drew up my own for K. Here is the template if you'd like to print your own (if you don't have a printer just cut out some basic fish shapes from card).

The instructions are on the image (click to see it full size). Have fun fishing!

Linking up to Ta-dah! Tuesday at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping where you'll find some excellent advice on ebay listings ;)


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