Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy new lady garden

How was your Christmas break?
Mine was...

My baby niece made an appearance 5 weeks early on the 23rd. Maybe she didn't want to miss out on Christmas? It was just a shame we were all so germ-ridden with bugs and colds as it would've been excellent to pop down and visit them in hospital on Christmas day. (Image credit: card by AbbyDoraDesign at Etsy)

How cool are these old cake toppers that belonged to my Nan that my mum brought down. I love scary Santa on his skateboard.

Getting this from anyone for Christmas is bad. But from your own mother?! And despite it being a joke she felt the need to call me a few days later to warn me that it's not meant to be stuck on "right underneath" WTF?

I felt like I was getting proper cabin fever being stuck inside with an unshiftable cold, so it was a relief to get out to the new Years parade in London yesterday.
I'm not making any resolutions as such but I'm thinking that it's time to really consider moving house. I miss being by the sea and I feel like fate is trying to tell me something with the amount of weird shit that has happened recently (the cannabis farm, the drink spiking, the flasher and so on). K is, and always has been, hyperactive and I'm sure that being in a more outdoorsy environment would help us all.

Wishing you all a happy 2013 x


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