Monday, 28 January 2013

Spot the donation | Magpie Monday

I've set a self-imposed ban on buying unnecessary stuff. But I'm very good at talking myself round and that's how I came home with these two items today.

I'd loaded two huge bags for the charity shop into the boot; mostly old baby clothes but the Christmas vajazzle kit was lurking in there too (if you want to know how I came to own a vajazzle kit read this post). It should have been a dump and run situation to save my blushes but I imagined it would be a kindly old lady who accepted my donation who wouldn't know what a vajazzle is anyway. And it's not like I'd actually used it, is it? Plus I'd buried it deep in the bags.

I found a parking space and E was behaving himself so I unloaded the first bag and wheeled him into the shop in his buggy. "I've got a couple more bags in the car for you if you can just watch the baby for a minute..." resulted in barely concealed horror from the young man behind the counter (for the record he didn't look the type who would have extensive knowledge of vajazzling but who am I to judge).

After dropping off the other bags I had a quick look around the shop and found this Moira stoneware storage jar (£1.75).  I talked myself into buying it because it has a lovely slab serif typeface, it's handmade in England and it will serve a purpose by holding other things. It's much easier to talk yourself into buying from a charity shop as you are doing a good deed!

Vintage kitchen stoneware crock pot
 I didn't get my QVC ruler out but this is a pretty big pot

On my way to pay I saw this large tray up high on top of a cabinet and thought I'd spotted a 70s original - but it's actually from Habitat* and is melamine not tin. I love the colours and design (my terrible photo really doesn't do it justice) and it was £1.50. My justification this time is that trays are great for K to do her messy stuff on, like glitter and playdough and I only have one other one. That's not a great reason really; Mr swears there is a hoarder within me bursting to get out! (I do have the genes from my mum).

Habitat MEL retro tray

I didn't have time to visit the neighbouring charity shops, but I'll be back. Then I can play the game of "Spot the donation". Does anyone else do this? Try to spot something you've donated? If I can't see anything, I like to think that it has been snapped up really quickly and not chucked straight in the bin in the sorting room.

*My brother in Brighton told me that there's a secondhand shop near him called Shabitat! I've found their website, sounds like it could be worth a visit next time I'm down that way :)

I've linked up to Liz's Magpie Monday and Nifty Thrifty at A Living Space. I'm off to see what everyone else has found this week.


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