Monday, 4 February 2013

Hurray for hoarders

Sometimes having a mother who is a hoarder is brilliant. A while ago I wrote about the little plaster moulds for plasticine that I remember playing with at my nan's. Well, my mum only went and found them! She said she found an old purse of mine and there they were inside.

Shocked horse is my favourite. Maybe someone's told him he's bound for a factory in Ireland?

The purse has it's own story too. I have vague memories of being on holiday in Florida in the late 70s (one of the perks of my Dad working for British Airways) and in our hotel was a souvenir vending machine, which must have seemed so hi-tech at the time! I was going to get a little camera but this purse was already sitting at the bottom of the machine, forgotten about. Back then it was totally covered in stuck-on beads but it appears it was too much for my nimble fingers to resist.

Only a quick post today as I'm meant to be preparing for a job meeting tomorrow. A friend recommended me to someone and before I knew what was happening a business meeting has been arranged. You know, the sort of meeting where you are supposed to appear professional and without sticky handprints on your clothing and greasy hair. I'm dreading leaving E behind more than the meeting itself. My lovely friend (whose husband was the one who set up the meeting) has offered to look after him but it'll be the longest I've left him with anyone other than his dad. Wish me luck!

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