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DIY Morse code necklace

DIY Morse code pasta necklace

This is more an idea than a polished tutorial but if I don't post it now I don't think I ever will! Here's how to have your name on jewellery without everyone knowing your name. Or you could give someone a coded message for Valentine's or Mother's day or a special date for a birthday or anniversary, and it's up to you how rustic (like mine!) or professional your finish is.

We made ours using macaroni dipped in watered-down acrylic paint for the dashes and round plastic beads for the dots, but the simplest option is to buy some long and short beads, or get lucky and find an old necklace you can take apart. You'll also need embroidery thread or similar to string your beads on and a fastening of your choice; I like magnetic closures for kids as they're easy and safe to get on and off.

Encrypt your word, date or message using this Morse code chart...

For example:

MAMA – – / • – / – – / • –

LOVE •  – • • / – – – / • • • – / •

Lay out your sequence of beads to give an indication of how long your necklace will need to be. Cut a length of embroidery thread a little longer than you want the finished thing to be (to allow for the knots you will make). Thread on your first 'letter'. Tie a knot in your thread before and after the beads to keep the letter separate from the next. I needed to tie a few knots, one on top of the next, to get a big enough knot to hold the beads in place.

Add your next letter and knot afterwards and continue until you are done. Hold your necklace so the beads are central then trim the ends to the desired length and tie on your fastening. And that's it!

DIY Morse code neon necklace

I tried another one knotting together different coloured threads. I also like the idea of these rolled paper beads. Or this idea for wrapping thread to make the dots and dashes.

I'd like to attempt a more grown-up looking version so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for old necklaces with good beads. Let me know how you get on if you do try this!

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