Monday, 11 March 2013

Nice rack

Some days I just need to get out the house and speak to someone older than 3. Friday was one of those days. The non-stop rain meant we'd been holed up in the house all of Thursday so K was literally bouncing off the walls. We put on rain coats and wellies, E was in his buggy with the raincover on, and headed off for a long walk to the charity shops in Addiscombe. It's quite a long way for K to scoot but I bribed her with cake in the cafe if she was good.

Apart from the relentless touching of breakable objects by K (and the equally relentless sound of me telling her not to) it was good fun. We pointed out funny items, animals, things she recognised. We chatted to the shop staff. I even found an item I'd donated last time - a little hand-knitted cardi - and managed not to buy it back.

I'd told K that she could buy a toy if she behaved. She found something she liked so got her to ask the lady how much it was (50p) and then gave her the money to go up and pay. While I waited I spotted something on my wish list; this is an actual written list I have of things I would love to discover second-hand.

It was...

a 50s atomic magazine rack. It was being used to hold a vast amount of trays and placemats so I didn't even notice it to start and then I wasn't sure it was for sale but on closer, fevered inspection I found a price tag of £2.50. It's now being used to hold all the bits of paper, bills and books that clutter up the living room. No magazines though, I don't buy them anymore unless there is a really good freebie (aka nail varnish).

This week I also found this...

It was left out on bin day and usually I would have swooped on it immediately BUT it was outside my nextdoor neighbour's house. They only moved in a few weeks ago and I don't want them thinking I'm some crazy bin hunting nutter. I knocked at their door to ask about taking it but, phew, they didn't answer so I just took it and ran. Well as much as you can run when their door is only 6 feet from yours.

I'm hoping to turn it into something resembling this...

The book in the magazine rack is a brilliant one full of original retro wrapping paper prints so I plan to paint the shelves white (oh my god, I have SO much painting to do: a bath panel, a door and frame, a chair and now this) and scan in some pictures to use for the backgrounds of the cubbyholes. Then K can have it to house some of the little toys that E likes to choke chew on.

Have you bought or found anything second hand this week?

I'm linking up with Liz for Magpie Monday (big congrats to her for making the MADS finals!) and The Nifty Thrifty.


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