Monday, 4 March 2013

What goes around comes around {Magpie Monday}

On Friday I went along to a toy and book sale at K's nursery and did something that I've often joked about doing... I bought back something I'd donated. I didn't do it knowingly, it was due to the combination of brain-fog from flu and worn-down weariness from repeated Threenager tantrums.

K threw a massive strop all the way there for no apparent reason, she was fine when we got there so I got a few books and this black cab to keep our London bus company (£1.20 the lot); the irony being that in real life I'm not a bus or taxi fan because they drive like loons. Then K threw a massive strop all the way home.

The little back seats fold-up, all I need is some bloke talking non-stop.

It was only when I was showing Mr our purchases that I realised a Cinderella book had come back to haunt us. Just goes to show you can't keep a Disney princess down.

I also visited a couple of charity shops while Mr took K to soft play in a vain attempt to wear her out. After some unexciting buys like salopettes for K for the park and trousers for E, I found this cute little toast rack with an 80s cat motif (I think I recall fellow magpie Mama Syder has some of this design?)

I always keep an eye out for good picture frames, at the moment I'm after some vintage 60s or 70s ones for the bathroom - don't ask, it's still not finished - and there was an old chamfered edge one in Oxfam. It was pretty battered with a horrible print but, worse still, it was £10! I know there's a whole debate about whether charity shops charge too much, and I often see the Atmosphere label at prices above and beyond Primark's, but £10 for an A3 size frame? What do you reckon, it sounds like a lot to me.

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