Monday, 29 April 2013

New kid on the blocks

retro town building blocks vintage bright

Our car is still playing up (nothing to do with me this time) and I'm writing this post as quickly as possible because my router is also misbehaving, but we made it to a car boot sale yesterday. We picked one in Wallington and K was squealing as we pulled up; not because of the promise of trestle-tables laden with crap treasures, but because there was a bouncy castle and a playground. This worked as an effective bribing tool to get her round the boot sale. Here are my goodies...

For once I found some clothes for myself: a Gap skirt with a mini chevron pattern, a Forever 21 (ha, if only) strapless top that I'd like to add straps to in case I'm let down, quite literally, by my bosom and suffer a wardrobe malfunction, and Forever (not sure if that's the same brand) shorts that I'd like to be able to get my arse into. That's the problem with car booting... no changing rooms. But they were only 20p each so I'll add the shorts to my "possibly will fit into this again one day i.e. never" pile. From the same seller I also got this pretty Paperchase laptop bag for 25p.

car boot clothes
purple floral Paperchase laptop bag

I got some more Mr Men books, some M&S linen trousers for E and a 'rooter ball' although I'm not sure what you do with it - I just liked the packaging.

glass apple rooter ball

But my favourite buy were these building blocks (£1) that look quite 70's going by the industrial windows, the stone cladding and funky door handles. They are lovely and tactile and the kids enjoyed playing with them when we got home.

70s building block town
Please excuse the state of the blanket, we, er, I mean the kids, were playing outside

I class this as a successful trip... E fell asleep, K got to bounce on the castle and Mr was found lurking by the hotdog van.

We're off on holiday this week; a couple of days in one of my favourite places - Whitstable (charity shop paradise, seaside, oysters...) and then a couple of days in Rye. I've already googled Rye for charity shops, does anyone else do that before they visit a town they haven't been to before?!

I'm linking to Miss Lizzie and her Monday magpies.

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