Monday, 13 May 2013

You've got more rabbit than Sainsbury's...

It's official. I am a collector of bunnies. Look out for me on hoarding shows: I'll be the one scaling a mountain of pottery rabbits to find my bed. The pink, cotton-wool-holding beauty on the right was 50p from a car boot seller who told me she was selling it as she has a phobia of cotton wool! (I was coveting Chris Tea and Cakes' pink bunny the other day so I'm happy to find my own).

 Mr visibly grimaced when I added the bunny to the line-up on the top the dresser haha!

vintage pastel ceramic bunnies

Yesterday's car boot visit was short and sweet because E refused to nap. I just had time to pick up this ceramic storage jar (£1). It's originally from Boots but reminded me of this Habitat one I like but couldn't justify buying. (Also, when did Argos start stocking Habitat stuff? It is just me that finds that strange? It's a bit like Primark stocking Boden)

Habitat Herbert storage jar

My bargain of the day was this adorable parka for E, for next Winter. It was £1 and from a brand I'd not heard of: Jean Bourget. New it would cost around £70; crazy money for a kids coat.
Jean Bourget mustard winter boys parka
Terrible photo: it's actually a lovely mustard yellow
Did you find any second-hand goodies this week? I've still got the bits I picked up on holiday to tell you about (I came very close to leaving a child behind to fit a vintage chair in the car).

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