Monday, 20 May 2013

You only chazz twice

I'm sure every second-hand hunter has experienced 'the one that got away'. It happened to me at a boot sale just a couple of week's ago; I saw a man walking along, clutching the very same rocking horse toy that I'd been unsuccessfully trying to bid for on Ebay as a birthday present for E.

Has this ever happened to you? What if you got a second chance? Would you snatch up the item like a person possessed or would the moment have passed?

I've always regretted not buying a lovely vintage yellow formica gateleg table from the YMCA shop when I lived in Hove. I can't recall why I didn't buy it when I first saw it, but when I went back it had gone and I ended up with a boring Ikea one instead. So, when I was dropping off some stuff last week (and, of course, buying some stuff) in my local charity shop I was amazed to see this...

Vintage yellow formica table

It's got a few chips but it's such a lovely sunny colour. The problem is that I don't have space for it and I don't need it so I didn't buy it. I keep imagining that one day I could have my own studio and it would be my desk. Even if I talk myself round to buying it I don't think I could bear to go back and find it's gone and I've missed out again!

While I'm on the theme of yellow I'll leave you with this cool little VW camper (well not exactly a camper as there is no back to it) that I got for 10p at the same boot sale that I missed out on the rocking horse at.
Vintage yellow VW camper toy

It was very grimy and is clearly pre-CE-mark going by those potential-death-trap wheels held on by metal pins. It's living on top of my printers' tray until I can trust E not to chew on it.

Or I could make it into one of these... (not for the kids, obviously!)

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