Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Something for the weekend

Artbox Covent Garden
Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I have so many posts that I've begun and can't seem to finish.

The good news is that I had the Mirena IUD removed last week. The doctor, after pulling it out, held it aloft by its strings like she'd caught some sort of pathetic fish; I felt so relieved. The brain fog lifted almost immediately, only to be replaced with nausea, headaches and fatigue. I'm assuming this is just my body detoxing from the fake hormones. I know this isn't a miracle cure for how I've been feeling, but it's a step in the right direction.

Part of trying to get myself back on track involved a day out without the children! I had a Red Letter Days voucher due to expire so I used it to book afternoon tea for me and my mum at a hotel in Bloomsbury. I headed into town early, got my hair cut - and realised the last time I'd it done was on my birthday, in November, oops! (I go to this place secreted away in Neals Yard in Covent Garden. It's only £17 for a wash, cut and dry and you don't need an appointment).

It's the small things I miss, like just being able to look at something in a shop without the running mummy commentary of "put it back", "CAREFUL!" and "don't touch that".

When I got home I had a lovely welcome from K and E, and K said how much she'd missed me. Then she nearly exploded when I gave her the notepad and stickers that I'd bought in Artbox - she's obviously inherited my stationery addiction.

On Sunday, Father's Day, we visited the excellent Surrey Docks Farm; a free farm (donations welcomed) in East London and recently seen on The Apprentice for the farm shop challenge.

pig and piglets at Surrey Docks Farm

Their cafe does a great breakfast, which kept Mr happy, although I really hope the bacon wasn't "locally sourced" :(

The staff are very friendly, and you can feed the goats; the one I fed was too quick for me and ate the paper bag too. There are second-hand books, CDs and DVDs for sale along with some plants. The whole place has a relaxed atmosphere and is situated right on the River Thames so you can have a look at the boats and ride a (pretend) animal on the towpath.

Surrey Docks Farm goat

And if you're wondering why E hasn't got any shoes on, it's because Mr forgot them. Apparently, him saying "I've got E's shoes" is no guarantee that they'll actually make it from Mr's hands onto E's feet. But it was Father's Day so I cut him some slack.

Father's Day is a bit of an odd one for me. I haven't heard from my Dad since E was born, and my brother, who had a baby girl in December, hasn't heard from him either. We never get cards or phone calls - I sent him a Christmas card but have no idea if he's still at the same address. Mr said he was talking to K about her Nanny and Pappi (his parents) and Granny and Grandpa (my parents) and she pulled a confused face and asked who Grandpa was! It does make me appreciate what a good Dad Mr is to K and E, missing shoes aside!


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