Monday, 15 July 2013

Send out the clowns

We spent a couple of hours hiding in the shade at a local festival yesterday. It was good, and mostly free, fun; K got to sit in a police car and fire engine. There was no hat-trick of a go in an ambulance but that's probably a good thing.

sitting in a fire truck wearing a helmet
 There's something Darth-Vaderish about that helmet

She also won this creepy clown finger puppet kit - a sort of DIY fuzzy felts - on the kids' tombola...

Galt clown finger puppets

It's 'vintage' Galt judging by the dried-up tube of PVA in the box, but I was happy that we'd have something to keep her entertained when we got home. If you think that the puppets on the box are odd-looking then check out our attempt. And this was with my expert assistance.

 creepy clown finger puppet
  Stephen King would be proud.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that where I live it's customary to leave your old tat outside your house in the hope that someone passing by will take it, whether that be the council, the rag & bone man (does anyone else still get those?) or me.
In the last couple of weeks I've picked up these tiny glass jars with cork stoppers from a big box of random junk on the pavement...

tiny recycled glass ink bottles with cork stoppers

This was on the way back from the nursery run and K displayed early signs of being embarrassed by my scavenging ways; "Oh muuum come ooooon!" So it was a quick scoop into the back of the back of the buggy rather than a proper nose through.

Also found were these old metal buckets left outside a neighbour's house...

strawberry plants in old buckets

These are now in the garden holding some very dried-up-looking plants. Mr teases me about being a secret hoarder but my theory is that hoarders keep things because they think they'll come in useful one day, whereas I take things when I see an immediate use for them. Apart from those tiny bottles. I have no idea what to do with them. Just stop me before I end up with a houseful of cats and an appointment with Stelios Kiosses.

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