Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Street sale

Our camping trip got off to a bad start when I woke with a tickly forehead on the first morning only to discover that the itch was actually a huge spider that I'd just mushed up in my attempt to scratch my head. I leapt out of bed pretty quickly after that.

And there's nothing like wearing a pair of tourniquet-tight trousers to put you in a bad mood. After plugging my dead phone into the car lighter socket, I was so excited to see a sliver of battery that I poured hot coffee into my lap. After yelling a lot and concerned shouts from K of "Daddy pull over, pull over!" it was agreed that it was too far to drive back to the campsite to change, but I refused to walk around looking like I'd wet myself, so I made a distress purchase of a pair of jeans that would have been a perfect fit had my thighs been several inches slimmer and my legs at least three inches longer.

On day three K had an accident in her blow-up bed. On day four she had another which meant we'd have to do some washing so we drove to a launderette. Rather than wait for the washing we thought we'd see if we could find a park. We did, and realised that the kids got more pleasure from chasing a dog than they had from the £30 visit to the Sealife Centre the previous day. (E was free to get in but K, at the ripe old age of four, cost the same as an adult ticket). But then we stumbled across... a street sale. This was a new one to me. There was a quiet surburban road where the residents had set out their belongings to sell in their front gardens, a bit like a boot sale, or a yard sale on a larger scale.

I bought much-needed clothes for E and this vintage Homepride apron for messy play (50p). If you read my birthday cake post you'll know that baking is not my strong point. Maybe I should start reading Woman's Realm?
Vintage Homepride apron

I found this battered but very cool old saloon for E for 50p.

Vintage Western saloon toy

And local chazzing turned up some old pyrex...

retro white pyrex

A groovy gravy boat (50p) and a snowflake oven dish (£1)... for all that baking I'll be doing once I'm done leafing through Woman's Realm after having my jeans surgically removed.

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