Monday, 16 December 2013

All the small things | Magpie Monday

I wanted to get this properly finished before the grand unveiling but that's never going to happen so here is my shelving revamp so far... just don't look too closely because the background paper isn't stuck in yet. Some pieces are defying the laws of physics by staying in place anyway, but at some point I need to use double-sided tape on them.

This was before: (it was rescued after my neighbours left it out on bin day)

old shelving

And this is it after a couple of coats of eggshell paint and some vintage giftwrap designs printed out and stuck into the gaps...

shelving makeover with vintage giftwrap

It's housing all kinds of bits and bobs including my beloved Pupcake from Strawberry Shortcake. I did a swap with my cousin for Pupcake; she got a packet of tiny pencils that had been attached by a string to the end of a regular sized pencil (remember those?!) He still has his vanillary smell after all these years - 80s chemicals must have been very potent!

There's also this weeble that my mum brought round which looks a lot more creepy than I remember...

She found my old glo-worm too, without its sleeping bag but it still glows in the dark (80s chemicals again) but is too big for the shelves.

80s glo worm toy

The only problem now - apart from the wonky paper - is I have nowhere to put it up. It's living on top of the kids wardrobe where they can't actually reach the toys. I need an artwork reshuffle or more walls or kids with longer arms.

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